Animal Control

If you’d like to review the entire Alpine ordinance on animal.

Does Alpine have a leash law?

Yes. Town ordinance 152-02 states: ” No person owning or having in his custody any animal or fowl shall permit the same to go at large to the injury or annoyance or nuisance of others, nor shall such animal or fowl be permitted at large upon the streets or other public ways of the town of Alpine. The animal will at all times, be under the control of the owner either by voice command or physical restraint”

Does Alpine require an animal be vaccinated and licensed?

Yes. Town ordinance 152-05 states: ” Any person living within the incorporated limits of the Town of Alpine, who shall keep a dog or cat, shall after the first day of May of each year obtain a rabies vaccination and Town license tag.”

How do I report a dog bite?

Alpine town ordinance 152-14 prohibits vicious and dangerous animals, if a person or another animal is attacked and/or bitten, it should be reported immediately to the authorities for investigation. Call “911” for EMERGENCIES or 307-885-5231 for immediate service.

My neighbor’s dog keeps barking all night long what can I do?

Depending upon your relationship with your neighbor you might try talking to them or leaving a note on their door before involving the authorities. But if that does not work, the Town of Alpine does have an ordinance regarding noisy animals. The Town municipal officer will use his judgment in whether or not to issue a verbal warning, written warning, or a citation.  If a citation is written the complainant has the right to come to court to voice their claims.

What other restrictions on animals does Alpine have?

Alpine Town Ordinance #152 also contains sections banning cruelty to animals, prohibits livestock within the Town, limits the number of animals a person is allowed to have, prohibits offensive animal enclosures, and regulates the disposal of animal carcasses. Offending animals may be impounded, owners may be fined, and in extreme cases, the animal(s) may be removed by the court.

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