Alpine Skate Park

224 Elk Run
Alpine West Subdivision

Phase I of the Alpine Skate Park has been completed; additional work is expected to be done this summer at the park; such as signs, a gravel parking lot, a picnic shelter, park benches, restrooms, and many other exciting things!!

American Legion Ballfield

249 Buffalo Drive
Alpine West Subdivision

The American Legion Ballfield has been created by many hard-working, dedicated veterans of the Alpine American Legion, Post #46. The ballfield provides beautiful, lush grass, two separate dugouts, bleachers, picnic tables and shelter, a barbecue area, along with play equipment.

Ferry Peak Park

340 Meadow Drive
Grey’s River Valley

Alpine Wyoming Children’s Park was re-dedicated as Ferry Peak Park on Saturday, June 6, 2009, by Governor Dave Freudenthal with many town citizens and town officials in attendance. The good people of Alpine have answered the community call of service to redeem, repair, care for, and monitor the Alpine children’s playground and park with the gratitude of the people of the Town of Alpine.

Marge Grover Memorial Park
(Donn Wooden Civic Center)

111 US Highway 89

The Alpine Civic Center sits right in the middle of Town, with a spacious park sitting adjacent to the Center. This park is dedicated in memory of Marge Grover. Marge, a long-time citizen of Alpine, was the co-founder and co-chairman of the Annual Alpine Mountain Days Celebration from 1990 to 2005. Marge gave so much of her time, talents, and her outstanding leadership qualities and abilities to this annual celebration. Marge’s constant determination and dedication are what make Alpine Mountain Days such a wonderful and worthy celebration. The perfect time that came to honor the memory of Alpine’s Marge Grover was at the annual kick-off for Alpine Mountain Days Celebration. The beautiful wooden sign was unveiled, by long-time citizens and past Alpine Mayor Donn Wooden, by dedicating the park next to the Alpine Civic Center. Dedication took place on Friday, June 15th, 2007 with many town citizens and public officials in attendance. Alpine Mountain Days continues on with the rich Western spirit and love that Marge showed us.

Riverview Meadows Children’s Park

Riverview Drive
Riverview Meadows Subdivision

Located in the Riverview Meadows Subdivision this new and evolving park provides a safe, clean, and fun place to play; while offering a place for adults to gather and watch and/or play with their children. Subdivision residents are diligently working hard on providing more equipment for the children to use. The park is located on Riverview Drive.