Building Permits & Applications

Effective immediately the Town of Alpine will be processing applications on a first come first served basis.  Applications will be placed in a queue and processed in chronological order from the date they are received.  You will be informed as to when your plan review has been completed and when your project is scheduled for permit consideration, please be aware that this process could take up to Forty-Five (45) days.

Please make sure that all information is submitted with your application, this includes an accurate site plan, and required building plans as identified on the permit checklist.  Building Fees and Water & Sewer Connection Fees, must be paid at the time of submittal.  If any information is missing is not submitted your permit application will be returned. Utilizing the permit checklist is essential to ensure that your application process is not delayed.  You will be notified when your application is accepted. Applications are valid for ninety (90) days from submittal/acceptance date.

Pre-planning appointments are encouraged, please contact the planning office at: 307-654-7757, extension #7, to schedule those appointments; appointments will be made on Wednesdays, from 1 PM to 4 PM.

Planning Review Fee:  Applicants can request a plan review outside of the regular permit application process.  A separate plan review fee of One Hundred ($100) Dollars per hour will be charged for all plan reviews conducted outside of the regular permit submission and will be assessed for all requests.

If a person commences building development for which a permit is required without having first obtained a permit, they are in violation of the Land Use & Development Code.

Such person shall pay twice the fee for said permit, costs associated with the Town’s investigation of the violation, any hearings to abate, and including reasonable attorney, engineer, inspector, and surveyor’s fees.

We now accept credit card payments however there is a 3% convenience fee for this process of payment.

State Department of Fire Prevention & Electrical Safety – Obtain Plan Review & Checklist or For more information; please visit Wyoming Department of Fire Prevention and Electrical Safety.